While I am rebuilding my social profile. Most probably you don’t know me. The thing that you should really focus on is: “Do I have something valuable that you can benefit from?”

Max is my nickname for everyone to remind me: Maximum participation in striving towards excellence in whatever I do. – Living Life to the MAX. My new definition for MAX is Mastery, Actions & X-Factor.

I started Internet Marketing as a hobby to learn something new and of great interest to me – The idea to make money online by doing what i love.

In fact, I was exposed to the internet experience in 1996 when I was 13. My secondary school (equivalent to High School in USA) was the first in Singapore to include this in our curriculum. Thereafter, I went on to study programming in my tertiary education. I was pretty good at it at that time, especially in the user interface. Well, I am a meticulous guy – A Perfectionist since young.

Having the comfort of a JOB and being a Perfectionist, I pursued Internet Marketing Excellence like a Ph.D., where I just learn and learn and learn =P Committed to Constant Always Never-ending Improvement, I have learned that Perfect is only a very short and temporary state. So now, a Practical Perfectionist.

In between the years, MLM also crippled my mind in selling many years ago, aggravating my selling aversion. I studied Internet Marketing for the last 16 years – thinking that I wasn’t enough. Thus I never tried to sell anything. Partly because of my limiting belief and the comfort and obligations of my job which I plan to quit in the next 3 months at the time of editing this page).

In 2009, I attended Tony Robbins Unleash Your Potential Within (UPW), it helped me realized that while I can be great in the Science of Achievement, I definitely sucked in the Art of Fulfilment, undervaluing myself drastically, thinking that I am not good enough. Somehow it also made it worse, as he offered us a 5-figure course to help us, calling us brothers and sisters – Who would charge a brother 5-figure to help?

I love to help people genuinely, and coming from humble family background, helping people in return for money just doesn’t suit me. The psychology of money had also a very big negative effect on me – I respect people’s money a lot. Even to this day, I am still struggling to put a price tag on my help – Which would be to your benefits as I’ll be working very hard for your investments in us.

This year 2020 when COVID strikes, I realized how wrong I was not to accumulate my resources and further strengthen my skills and knowledge to create a ding in the universe. Tony was able to help millions and millions of people around the world, year after year. While I was stuck in a “village” named Job, helping a small group of people, whom some don’t even deserve.

Part of my physical collections not including 200+ Marketers over 300+ GB disk space

I was ready to make a comeback in 2013. But life threw me way off course to the point that I start questioning my existence, felt empty, life becomes meaningless. I realized that I can get by with very little things in life, my job and gaming pretty much filled up the void, and I get by with 4hrs of sleep each day. I am not picky with food – I am someone who eats to live, not live to eat.

But I am still working on my job at my best ability, the Perfectionist in me does not rest. To the point that I even check if I am considered as someone having a high functioning depression? But I always have this one belief throughout these years:

“The More Life Pushes Me Away From The Path I Meant To Take, The Greater The Comeback.” – Max

So Watch Me Rise In The World Of Internet Marketing. For my fellow Perfectionist like me. You may want to visit my Productivity Blog: https://productivemax.com/personal-productivity/are-you-a-perfectionist/

So now I will start implementing all my Internet Marketing Knowledge. And as a Perfectionist who desires knows no bound to continue learning. These 2 months alone I have learned from Peng Joon, ClickFunnels, and more. Looking at my Facebook friends was also interesting as they are the Who’s who in Internet Marketing now.

The content in iMnotes.com will be an accumulation of my own notes and brilliant tips, strategies, and tactics that I have learned from the top marketers around the world since 2004. And it will also serve others as an Internet Marketing Learning Center. So join me on my journey to be an Internet Marketing Leader. I am also someone who believes that teaching enables one to learn better

Well, thats all for now as I would want you to shift your focus away from me. Hope you’ll enjoy my blog. Thanks for the interest in me. Till Then.