We were never Grant Cardone fans, especially after the Grant Cardone versus Jordan Belfort saga, and we all know who was the winner then.

But seeing how badly Grant did, there’s one thing that was crystal clear to us that Grant is very good at. That is putting an amazing team together. A CEO can be bad at Marketing, Sales, and everything in between that is required for a company to thrive, he just needs a great team.

Just like how Gary Vee says in his videos that he wouldn’t be able to qualify to work for VaynerMedia be it the paper qualifications or skillsets, but he is the Boss. And a capable boss would hire people who are smarter, faster, and more effective than him/her.

So this is one video that we watched a few times to study the operations, departments, sections, studio setup, culture, equipment, furniture, merchandise, pantry (Foods are good motivators too, Google’s Micro kitchens, anyone?) and the motivations on the walls and tv screens.

Grant Cardone 10X HQ Tour

Always interesting to see what’s going on behind the scenes (BTS) of a multimillion company. Personally, we always feel that we should lead our lives like a company in order to have a great successful life. You need your:

  • Human Resources to take care of your well-being.
  • Research & Developments to refine your knowledge and produce your core offer.
  • Sales & Marketing for branding and communications,
  • Finance to handle your budgets and grow your wealth.
  • Operations to keep everything running smoothly.
  • C-suite to strategize and bring your vision to life.

In this 10X Headquarters tour, they are focusing on their Pillars of Operations:

  • Mindset: Where Everything Starts
  • Marketing: Rule Number 1: Promote! Promote! Promote!
  • Sales (The Boiler Room): The lifeblood of every business. Call & Convert!
  • Scale (Customer Success & Coaching): Growing the Customers, Kicking their Ass, Working, Achieving, and Celebrating Success together.
  • Communications – Where and how Ideas, Inspirations, Information, Instructions, and Implementations Flow.

Great Sales Process + Terrible Marketing = Limited Growth Potential. Great Marketing + Terrible Sales Process = Can still have a Billion Dollar Company.

Marketing VS Sales is a rather common topic to be debated as some people we came across believe that Sales are Everything. So good to hear that Team Cardone is on the side of Marketing > Sales like us. To us, marketing is the whole process, the whole journey while sales is a destination, and the next journey (Marketing) would start again.

Peng Joon has a great metaphor for this – Marketing is like a Golf game and Sales is the final Putt that put the ball into the hole.

Peng Joon Interviewing Elena Cardone

“Trophy Wife!” “Gold Digger!” That’s what being Grant Cardone’s wife is? Whatever label we get from others is not as important as the label we give ourselves. And how we frame that label is just as critically important.

Being Optimistic, Adaptive, and Resilient, one will be able to see positivity in the worst situation to forge a good path ahead. So if we think that we could be getting some negative feedback soon, think about how we can make use of it, to rise above the storm.

15 Lessons Peng Joon Learned from Grant Cardone’s Mastermind

  1. Calling Out – Your Target Audience – Identifying Who You Are Targeting
    • Your Highly Successful Prospect might be interested in your book or your High Ticket DFY Service but not your High Ticket Product. In other words, they will only try your low-hanging fruits or get the very best service you can provide, but not a $997 course that implies work on their end.
  2. Hate is Perverted Admiration
    • Are you playing the game to be known or to be liked? Don’t Please Everybody
  3. Be a Marketing Maniac
    • Be the Biggest Version of You
    • Be Disciplined in Creating Wealth
  4. Studying Upwards – People that are more successful than you.
    • Study Billionaires and Millionaires – What are they Doing that I can Model in my own Business?
  5. Pivot or Take Advantage
    • Leverage Everything Around You, including Turning Crisis into Opportunity
  6. Your Customers Aren’t Followers
    • They may be too busy to engage you on Socials, so don’t be too focused on the Social Data.
  7. Investor Mindset – Make Money Work For You
    • That’s why they have an Investment department in the BTS.
    • “CEO of Coca-Cola made $50M from Coca-Cola, Warren Buffett made $500M from Coca-Cola.”
  8. Get Money, Build Assets, If Broke, Repeat Process
    • Basically, Get Money -> Build Assets -> Repeat
  9. Polarity
    • Opposite and Opposition Attracts. Maybe Andrew Tate is a better master at this – Observe his Context even if you hated his Content.
  10. We Mean Different Things For Different People
    • Are we in the Correct Role for the People in Front of Us?
    • How do we showcase our values to them?
  11. Hiring & Scaling
    • Stop thinking about Hiring You (You & You & You can only go so far and so wide)
    • Build a Team that can complement and challenge your skills and thinking for growth.
  12. Spit-Testing is BS
    • Not because it doesn’t work but 99% of the people won’t see both ads to make a fair comparison
    • Note: I find that ClickFunnels is great at Spit-Testing Sales Copy
  13. Goals
    • Make Your Problem Insignificant by 10Xing your Goal
    • In other words, make your goals so big that it will have most of your attention.
  14. Your Customers may not be the ones making noises.
    • Most Complains come from People that didn’t Buy, we wonder if he is talking about Coffeezilla? Video below.
  15. Learn From Success
    • Focus on What We Did Well and Replicate that

So out of the 15 Lessons, which one appeals to you the most and which one do you like it least? Comment below.

We definitely wouldn’t want to pay someone $12K and get called ugly faces by him… 😝

Bonus Tips – “Watch what the marketer Does, not what the marketer says”: Observe how Grant Cardone Entire Ecosystem Interconnectedness works from Training to Courses to Investments to Community to JV deals, Customer Relationship Management, and more.

Peng Joon Interviewing Grant Cardone: 5 Pillars on Unbreakable Business and 2023 Recession

Here are Grant Cardone’s 5 Pillars as shown in the video and how he strategizes and sets up his 10X Company with the 5 pillars in mind.

Unbreakable Pillar 1: Mindset

Be a Result-Oriented Man of Action, not focusing on Positivity, Motivation, or even Work. As shown in the podcast with Jordan Belfort, Grant would struggle with specifics. Like a Boss, he is not focused on work, he simply focuses on People to make what he wants happened.

Lesson learnt: Work on the Business, Not in the Business. And Be so Big that your failures would look small. Does the person who told you to “Stay in Your Lane!” know your future? How well does he or she even know you? We don’t even know our future, so don’t be limited by what others try to put you down.

Unbreakable Pillar 2: Marketing (10:28)

The Great Companies in the world are Great because of their Marketing, not Sales. If we are not great yet, it just means we didn’t market enough. Attention Rules The World. Showing every You (Wealth, Health, Relationships, Family, Business, and more, hint: Lifewheel) from how “I See This Guy” to “I Like This Guy”, our goal is to attract people who are like us.

Lesson Learnt: On Social Media Marketing, focus on being consistent with the Frequency and Creativity of Content. People don’t share Adds, they share information that meant something to them, something that can help them take action. The bigger you become, the bigger the resistance.

Unbreakable Pillar 3: Sales (20:41)

Did Grant Cardone just dismiss ex-convicts to not get into business, especially those involved in fraud? Seems like he is still in pain from that encounter with Jordan to attack him as a person. One moment he says that Sales people don’t become Billionaires and yet he has built one of the top sales training companies in the world – He didn’t build a Marketing Training Company… So is Grant Cardone a Sales guy or a Marketing guy?🤔 What say you? Our answer would be he’s a Business guy. 😁

Lesson Learnt: The more prospects we can get, the more we can close, but at the same time, we’ll face more rejections too. Sales become easy when Marketing is great. Or what we learned from Peng Joon: Your prospects will close themselves if your marketing is great, and sales would be as easy as showing a Buy button.

Unbreakable Pillar 4: Communication (25:54)

The things we don’t know how to do, we resist doing, making excuses for not doing, even if that’s what we want to be doing. So from a marketer’s pov, how do we communicate the limiting beliefs they had, how to tear down the excuses with them, and how to enable them to start?

From the video, you can see how Grant Cardone tries to communicate and “encourage” his team too, the messages on the wall, the honor, and glory to be the staff of the month, the stats on the TVs, etc. We are firm believers of “Structure Drives Behavior” too.

Lesson Learnt: Start creating our few seconds to a few hours of marketing and sales messages. What’s our elevator pitch? What’s in our YouTube Shorts or TikToks? What’s in our YouTube videos? What’s in our podcasts? What’s in our presentations? What’s in our Webinars? And all should be congruent like a Hero’s Journey starting from a newbie to a master.

Unbreakable Pillar 5: Scaling

What we always like to say: Aim for the Moon and at least be in the Stars. and whatever we think is terrible, could be a good start for us to improve it. Problems are Opportunities for us to shine.

Lesson learned: Does making it bigger really better? Ever came across a good restaurant that suddenly pops up many branches, quality goes down, operating costs went sky high, and eventually, the whole business goes burst? Context matters – All strategies work in the right applications and conditions.

And to close off this section with Peng Joon’s wisdom: “Not Who We Know, But Who Knows Us” – Relationships are Important in Scaling, and remember the Synergy of Relationships: “1+1 is more than 2”.

The Next Step – Grant Cardone Unbreakable Business Challenge

We are not affiliated with Grant Cardone’s upcoming Business Challenge, but we are affiliated with Peng Joon’s Sales Process. So the affiliate link below is what we pick from Peng Joon’s as we hope that he gets more recognition from Grant as there seems to be a small contest in his mastermind seeing Ryan Pineda and Dan Henry producing videos about Grant Cardone, and now Russell Brunson too.

P.S. Even if you feel that we are on the negative side of Grant Cardone, there are lessons to be learned, especially from the team he assembled. We have signed up. Have you? And for full transparency, we didn’t even pay the $97.

Recently, we found another YouTuber, Scott Shafer, who makes videos regarding “overpriced” gurus, and you might be interested in what he had to say about Grant Cardone here (video dated 30 Jan 2023):