1. Internet Marketing Is Not About Making Money Online

Internet Marketing is a skillset to market a business (Products or Services) on the internet. The skills to attract traffic, convert a lead to getting a sale, selling anything online could allow you a Financial Freedom Lifestyle. However even if you did not make millions, at least you can live a life doing what you love – A Life with Passion.

If your intention is just to make money online, internet marketing may not be a good fit, unless you already have a product or service that you are ready to sell. You might be better off, to make money online with investments like Properties, Gold, Silver, Bullion, Forex, Stocks, Shares, other commodities, etc for a faster result (Positive or Negative, it should be derived from an informed decision(s) – “Investigate Before Invest”. It shouldn’t be a gamble). Take your pick.

In fact, having an online business, maybe among the slowest way to make money online as compared to investments. Moreover, you will face competition especially in a profitable niche market, and there are more variable risks involved too – it may come to nothing, wasting your time, energy and money, if you give up too easily. But compared to other money-making opportunities, it is one that requires the least capital or resources to start.

2. The Risks of Internet Marketing / Online Business

According to various credible sources, Online Business Marketing has a high failure rate of as much as 98%. And most failures do not even have a single proper website created. To add to that anyone can also fake their success easily or easily build on small success.

Learn from someone who is actively successful in the industry that you desire. Best if he or she is in the same country as you. Model how they sell or buy their training products and be totally committed to your learning – Build your own website or at the very least try it out step by step. Know that it is highly unlikely that there is this one single product out there that will give you instant success especially if they only cost like $97 – If you have a product that can make you $10 every day, how much would you sell?

The Free and often long and hard, “Do-It-Yourself” way or the easy “Pay-to-Win” or “Done-For-You” way is entirely up to you. As internet marketing is a fast-evolving industry as technology advances, what worked before may not work anymore. This site aims to at least “Do-With-You” covering the basics which you can also easily find on YouTube or simply Google for it.

“Your Life. Your Choice”

But whichever way you have chosen, there will always be people who try to sell you the Dreams because it is very profitable. Thus your due diligence in this aspect of your life is very much appreciated.

3. Internet Marketing Software

“This software can make me rich”… Really? Software is meant to accelerate results – They help you get things done faster and automatically. But are you doing the right things to make money? Right Strategies? Example a traffic software that promises you 100 visitors a day, but how do you know that they are your targeted audience or market?

Software is, after all, a tech tool – There may be a learning curve that requires you to overcome. And it may also depend on external data. and you may come across the term, API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, functioning to communicate between software. For example, a Keyword Software that depends on let says Google for data, if Google changed their coding and your software developer no longer supports the software, it would cease to work.

There are many means and ways to get to a goal, every other day a marketer from somewhere will present to you a software that can make you money if you are using it right. But are you ready to use it? Else wait for the next one to come, most likely in days, not months (A tech marketer who sees the value in a particular software, may get his own development team to come out with theirs)

4. Don’t Buy Any Internet Marketing Products Until You Know Crystal Clear What You Want To Do With It…

Money Making Opportunities are aplenty and never-ending. Every single day new money-making opportunities will appear and products that promise you riches online can be found easily – they may even find you instead. You may even be spoiled for choices to the point of paralysis. Just go with the flow, if you failed or failing, fail fast and move on. Learn from it and you would be one step closer to success.