There are basically 3 Ways You Can Make Money with Internet Marketing:

1. Sell Your Own Product or Service

  • Internet Business Owner / Entrepreneur
  • Business Consultant / Advisor / Coach
  • Content Creator / Author
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Agency

2. Sell Other’s Product or Service as

  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Dropshipping
  • Dropservicing
  • Outsourcing Agency

3. Third-Parties Facilitating the Transactions between Value and Money (“The Ever-Earning Passive Income Parties”)

  • Platforms (Software or Systems)
  • Marketplaces
  • Payment Processors
  • Advertisements Publishers

All the above takes work. Being an Employee is Easier than an Entrepreneur, else everyone would be running their businesses. And comparing Internet Marketing to other Money Making Opportunities such as Investments, It is definitely slower to get results but chances are it would be something you would like to do and require the least capital.

Most people come to the Internet to look for information, so information marketing is at the core of most online opportunities. With that being said, take a look at the general market that you can come up with your Niches.

Find Your Niche by being Audience Specific in the Big Market

“When You Try to Target Everyone, You are Targeting No One…”

Definition of Niche: A Small, Specialized Market for a Particular Product or Service – One that Big Companies would find too small to Target but good enough for Small Companies or a Single Entrepreneur to profit from. Market Keyword Research is Important here to Find your Blue Ocean – Healthy Demand with Little Competition or a Competition that you think you can win.

Wealth MarketsHealth MarketsRelationship Markets
Property / Real Estate
Financial Investments (Forex, Crypto, Shares, Options, NFT, etc)
Physical Products (Cars, Auto Accessories, etc)
and More (Basically, whatever that makes Money or whenever a monetary transaction occurs)
Nutrition (Diet, Supplements, etc)
Fitness (Building Muscles, Burning Fats, Weight Loss, Yoga, etc)
Mental Wellness (Self-Help, Motivation, Inspirations, etc)
Illness, Health Issues (All Natural Healing, Unconventional Therapies, those beyond the medical law restrictions, etc)
Growing old
and More (The Passage through life where a second human comes into it)
Niche Down from the General Markets Above to Find Your Niche Market

Follow Your Passion Or Follow the Money?

Context Matters.

If You are Selling What Everyone Else is Selling, How Do You Stand Out in The Competition? How do You Find the Blue Ocean in the Vast Red Ocean? Why would a Client or Customer Choose You? Do You Think Customer Buy You and Not Your Products? Ultimately, They are Buying Solutions to their Problems, and do they see what they want to see in You to be that person who will bring them the Results…

Still Looking to Build Your Business to Make Money Online? Good…

Some experts made it look so easy earning an income online, but what people don’t see is how much effort they have put in over the years.

The long, lonely, sleepless nights they need to sacrifice while their friends could be out partying, having the time of their life. Or the fact that they can only work on it while their family members are asleep, especially those with kids.

When you are just starting out, even family members and friends would most likely not support your decision as they don’t know what they don’t know.

Some would even think you must be crazy, especially when you have a stable well paying job. Thus most will ask you not to take the risk of spending your time, energy, and money on such ventures. Staying in a job is more stable and secure.

“Good is the Enemy of Great” – James C Collins

And running a business most of the time is even harder than starting a business. With the interconnectedness and speed of the Internet, bad news/reviews travel even faster.

Even if you are genuinely helping people, making money online. There will always be haters and haters gonna hate. It’s always easier to pull people down to their level than to rise up.

Happens in office politics too but worse, as they can hide behind the internet devices and be a keyboard warrior – Cyberbullying, or creating wild accusations, fake news, etc all day while sitting naked comfortably in front of their screen.

What Internet Marketing Tools You May Need to Make Money Online?

It would depend on what would you like to do:

  • Blogging (Content Marketing)
  • Building Websites (Establishing Authority & Expertise)
  • Creating Sales Funnels a.k.a Sales Process (Currently the most popular way to Sell Products and Services Online)
  • Creating ChatBots for Prospect Interactions leading to Sales
  • eCommerce Store (Shopify Alternative)
  • Email Marketing and FollowUp
  • Lead Generations

We would recommend you have your own website or, at the very least, your own Domain Name for better Branding and Marketing Positioning. Ultimately, You need to build up your relationship with your prospect. Similar to Dating, most likely it won’t be Love at First Sight, and unlikely anyone will accept your marriage proposal on the first date, even though that is quite possible for online sales.

The Best opportunity we found, where you can try everything that was mentioned above from creating blogs, websites, or funnels to full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the All in One Marketing Software Suite that you can try with Full Functionality for Life without any Money:

You Can choose to have the Paid version after you made money, or you can continue to use your free version. Free members can use the same number of software as the paid members, just that Paid members have more usage in terms of quantity. For example, Free members can have up to 3 “projects” while paid members are unlimited.

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