What do you believe in? A Vlog is a Video Blog, so in essence, a blog wouldn’t be dead. Just that the medium of blogging has evolved. Instead of being text-based or text-heavy, a video is much more attractive and engaging.

“Marketers/Influencers will say What They Want From a Very Unique Perspective (Polarity at Work), to Attract Your Attention.”

Days before YouTube, videos are slow over the internet. Most of the information available is text-based, thus the textual blog was popular. But when Google bought YouTube, Video technologies improves rapidly in terms of quality captured and streaming speed.

And with the popularity and easy-to-use of YouTube, anyone can have their own YouTube Channel, and being a YouTuber is being regarded as a cooler profession compared to a blogger. We just started Our YouTube Journey too.

Something that took a minute to be said in a video would have taken more time to type… Creating a video is seen as more fun and engaging as the saying goes:

“A Picture Tells a Thousand Words, and A Video Tells a Thousand Pictures”

As long as Google, the number 1 Search Engine on Earth is still based on text, a text-based blog would never die as long as it provides great value to the reader. Even Google’s new voice search is based on its text search engine.

With that being said, there is nothing stopping you from having the best of both worlds. You can have both video and information in a Blog…

So, what is a Blog?

Blog is the shortened name for weblog. It can be defined as an online journal or a website with information, similar to an online newspaper, just that the topic can be very broad or very specific (niche).

And you are looking at a blog right now. Yes, here at iMnotes.com, we are using WordPress running on WPMU as the platform for our blog and as the name of this website implies, we focus on all things Internet Marketing.

Starters may be confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, in simple terms, WordPress.org is the open-source blogging software that you can use at your self-hosted website. While WordPress.com is for blogs that you build inside WordPress.com itself (they are your hosting) similar to OG Blogger.com.

Even ClickFunnels Use WordPress Blog

Check out their WordPress Blog by clicking on the link: https://www.clickfunnels.com/blog/ Be sure to check out their main page at ClickFunnels.com too.

Similarly, in our previous blog creatingsalesfunnel.com/blog/, we also structured with the “/blog” directory while the main page is promoting ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge where they teach you how to build compelling Sales Funnel in 30 Days.

Yes, in 30 days you can make your first online sales if you already have something that you wish to sell online. Be it a physical product, informational product, or even a service – Almost any business can benefit online using a Sales Funnel.

Latest Update: ClickFunnels 2.0 (Coming next year 2022) are creating their own blogging platform too.

GrooveCM UpComing Own Blogging Platform GrooveBlog

The newest and fastest-growing All-In-One Marketing Solutions Company, GrooveCM is also creating its own blogging platform. Right now, it is still quite basic, but we have already started testing out a few blogs there. Stay tuned for updates.

The Day Blogging is Dead…

The Day Blogging is Dead is the Day People stopped looking for information online, which is never.

Platforms may be replaced, but the need for information online is perpetual. Twitter is a Micro-Blogging Platform. Facebook can also be considered as a blog.

Even YouTube, the biggest video website, has texts, headers, and descriptions. And if you didn’t know, they also came up with posts, maybe in the near future, we would not be operating out of WordPress, but Blogging is here to stay. We would be running parallels on the Blogging Platform, Medium soon too.

“If Blogging is ever dead, I’ll be the one to revive it.” – Max Yeo