The usual complaint about ClickFunnels is that it’s slow and expensive. Hopefully, they can do something to improve the page loading speed. But when people say it’s expensive, expensive in comparison to?

“There is no strategic advantage being the second cheapest seller”

There are definitely cheaper funnels software and faster software out there. Internet Marketing Software is one of the fastest moving industries. Every few days, new software is created, or an alternative modeled or improved.

Somehow Russell Brunson gave us the feeling that he build ClickFunnels modeling Apple. Similar to Apple, it is the “more” expensive product in its industry.

The simplicity to use it as well as the restrictive part of it that makes it simple-to-use and visually pleasing. Comparing Apple to Android, you will find the similarity that Apple is more restrictive in its usage too while Android is the more “flexible” one.

Annual live events with world-renowned keynote speakers like Tony Robbins, Prince EA, Tom Bilyeu, Ryan Holiday, and more. Even Lindsey Stirling is performing is part of why they are so engaging, creating raving fans despite the price. For some people, experience matters.

What We Like Most About ClickFunnels

To us, what’s best about ClickFunnels is FunnelFlix – It’s unmatched Marketing Education from the Who’s Who in the Internet Marketing world. See the list of coaches below:

  1. Russell Brunson
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. Frank Kern
  4. Dan Kennedy
  5. John Reese
  6. Ryan Deiss
  7. Stephen Larson
  8. Garrett J White
  9. Yara Golden
  10. Justin Brooks
  11. And More…

Including 30 ClickFunnels “Two Comma Club” winners from different fields, including Peng Joon, teaching you how they would restart their success with nothing but ClickFunnels in 30 days.

“Two Comma Club” is an award for ClickFunnels users who have generated at least $1 million dollars in a single funnel, which would imply that they would be marketing experts. For more details on the experts, click on the button below. Do note that this course is included in ClickFunnels Platinum Membership:

FunnelFlix Explained By Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson’s NetFlix Inspired Marketing Videos Channel

Not only does it has tonnes of Funnel Building materials. It also covers Personal Development, Business Strategy, Product / Course/ Offer Development, Copywriting and Sales, Traffic and more.

In fact, It was Frank Kern’s products alone that justified the $997 for 6 months offer buying decision for us. Frank is Still Selling Some of These Products at

Here’s The List of Frank Kern’s Products in FunnelFlix that we last knew:

  1. Frank Kern Unplugged
  2. Mass Control & Mass Conversion
  3. Book Funnel Blueprint
  4. Info Business Blueprint
  5. Upscale Continuity
  6. Ultimate Webinar Blueprint
  7. Video Black Box

Watch Brendon Burchard Interviews Frank Kern on his Mass Conversion Course

Who is Frank Kern?

In case you don’t know Frank Kern, Frank is one of the highest paid and most sought after, Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant, Copywriter and Legend.

Frank was the leader of a Internet Marketing “Syndicate” some years back in which even Groove Funnel CEO Mike Filsaime was a member of. And he was probably one of the earliest High-Ticket Marketing Product Seller too. His courses were often sold at $1997 since back then.

FunnelFlix 2020 Full Course List

Russell Brunson & ClickFunnels

Virtual Funnel Hackathon – Monday to Friday live sessions twice a day to teach you funnel building step-by-step, a different funnel everyday.

Brick and Mortar Summit where small offline business gain the advantage to outperform, outsell, and outmarket in their local market by building automated sales funnels. Click Here For More Details.

Affiliate BootCamp where Russell and numerous marketing experts teach you affiliate marketing in 100 days.

List Building Secrets, a 21-day Challenge that helps you identify and find your target audience, how to attract and engage them to subscribe to your list and grow them into hungry customers that will buy from you over and over again.

Funnel Builder Secrets – Russell’s Funnel Building Masterclass, step by step approach to create and build a successful sales funnel. Bonus 10 Free Homepage Funnels.

Funnel Hacking Secrets where Russell teach the concept of making a compelling sales funnel with lots of templates to be given out.

Funnel University, monthly training on successful funnels in details with the funnel available for download.

30 Days Summit, mentioned above along with Frank Kern’s.

Product Secrets, turning your idea into a product or service in days, and presell your course before you even create it.

Traffic Secrets All things on Traffic & conversion – Explore ways to find your target audience organically or using paid advertising in FB, YT, Google, Podcasting, blogs, email, mobile marketing, influencers and others.

High Tickets Secrets, recently released 21-day challenge for anyone interested in selling high ticket products or services.

Funnel Hackathon, the 3 days recorded training of the live event for you to implement the steps along the videos.

10X Secrets Masterclass – Sales framework to scale your success and profits. This training is in FunnelFlix but not available to even platinum members, there are some requirements to unlocked them.

Other Marketers’ Courses

Dan Kennedy How To Create Personality In Copy / Influential Writing. The copywriting course to infuse personality, influence, persuasion and emotions into your masterpiece.

Dan Kennedy Business Strategy Collections on Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp, to think like your customer and empathize with them. Ultimately, we need to understand them in order to influence their emotions and actions.

John Reese Money Mindset helps you explore your relationship with money which would have an impact on how much you would make and keep.

John Reese Outsource Force to show you how to grow, scale and expand with the help of virtual assistants. How to let your business work for you instead of you working in your business.

Ryan Deiss The Machine proven email templates and blueprints for your business to engage and get your list to buy.

Garreett J White The Warrior Way Doctrine Director’s Cut 4 concept of The Foundation, The Code, The Stack and The Core to breakthrough your life issues and struggles to achieve success in your Body, Being, Balance and Business.

Yara Golden Subscriber Reviver to reactivate your list responsiveness through engagement, entertainment and empowerment to improve your sales.

Justion Brooks AdSkills to create winning ad campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, LinkedIns, Twitter. And that’s just half of it. The other half is on your funnel end such as Landing Pages, Tracking, Traffic Problems, Market Research, etc.

There are also documentaries on previous live events too. Thus, the ClickFunnel software became a bonus to us instead of being the main product… =D

With this Treasure Vault of Education, you would not need to learn elsewhere for quite a while. But we do understand that this platinum offer is not for everyone. So you might want to go through this as an alternative… Introducing the last on this list:

One Funnel Away Challenge – The must-attend for any serious funnel builders, especially if you don’t intend to upgrade to platinum membership. We even dedicated our front page to promote this program.