Want an army of people to help you sell your product and only pay them a commission when they made a sale? You need your own affiliate program to attract affiliate marketers.


ClickFunnels’ funnels affiliate program, also known as Backpack is only available to their Platinum members.

ClickFunnels Platinum


The Rising Star and Fastest Growing Funnel Software Company, Groove Funnels affiliate program known as GrooveSell is available for free and comes along with Groove Funnels, which is also free – you don’t even need your credit card to sign up.

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Being the most comprehensive Marketing Suite among the funnel companies currently, check out Kartra’s Funnels Affiliate Program

Third Party Affiliate Marketplace

Alternatively, you can sign up for a Seller account in a well-established affiliate marketplace such as ClickBank for digital informational products, or Commission Junction for an “advertiser” account.

Why You Should Have Your Own Affiliate Program?

  1. Word-of-Mouth Advertising is the most effective especially if the affiliate had build up a great relationship with his list of followers.
  2. You only pay them money when they made you money.
  3. They’ll spend money advertising for you, spend their time doing the marketing and promotions for you.

Why Affiliate Program May Not Be A Good Thing For You?

  1. Your Product needs to be sold at a higher price point, to satisfy both you and the affiliate in making a good profit.
  2. Negative Advertising would start appearing… “Is [Your Name/Product] A Scam?”

Factors to Decide Which Affiliate Program Best Suits You

  1. Setting the commissions percentage
  2. 2 Tier affiliate commissions?
  3. Reliability of the system to credit the affiliate and pay them- The last thing any affiliate would want is to feel cheated of their commissions.
  4. Identifying your super affiliates and set higher commissions to further motivate them
  5. An affiliate system to easily support your affiliates in their marketing. Example: Top affiliate contests, customized links systems, banners ads, email swipes, etc.

While all these are pretty much standard for a good affiliate program, you are the key to making your affiliate program a great one.

To Your Business Success.